UPDATE: Implemented a hotfix in the wee hours of the 21st. Most importantly, it corrects the stealth rules. The link below has been updated.

Version 0.4.02 has turned out to be a fairly daring update. For one thing, I can't promise you these changes are fully field-tested. They're not. But in my continuing efforts to fail faster, I bring them to you so you might stress test them and let me know where I've erred and where I've hit on something good.
There's three major headlines to this update.

#1: This update does away with opposed rolls. When a roll is made against another character, the number to beat is that character's relevant stat +10, always.

#2: With this load removed from the system, baddies have gained "reactions", leading to adversaries that put up a greater fight without dragging combat out over more and more rounds.

#3: I've conducted a major sweep through Perks, improving a great deal of them.

There were some other things I wanted to slip into this update, but time was not on my side. That said, I'm going to begin work on the next update immediately, and in a very real way I already have, so expect that sooner than later.

Check out 0.4.02's complete change-log below.

  • You can no longer implement a Script Change in the same scene you picked a Script change concept.

  • Bad Guys and Villains now have "Reactions" during combat, making combat more dynamic and interesting.

  • Opposed rolls are being replaced with static numbers, specifically the relevant stat +10. This should speed up combat and allow for easier balancing of combat.

  • Gamble Attacks now give the attacker a blooper die, rather than an epic die for the defender.

  • While a character is prone, attackers get an epic die to melee attacks against them, rather than the prone character getting a blooper die to DEF rolls.

  • Attacks against a character behind cover will now get a blooper die, instead of the covered character getting an epic die to their DEF roll.

  • Other similar changes throughout. Basically, if something used to augment a DEF roll, it now augments the attack instead.

  • Various value adjustments have been made to Bad Guys and Villains to accommodate this update's major changes. DEF and HP has largely been lowered a bit and various other tweaks have been made.

  • TEMPORARY DOWNGRADE NOTICE: The baddies are currently not listed in perfect threat order, and furthermore their current threat values are highly suspect. I will be addressing these issues soon!

  • Minor changes to Blind Master, Dual Wielding and Martial Artist due to the game-wide changes.

  • Minor changes to a handful of Fortes and Bloopers.

  • SENTIMENTALIST: The Never Let Go special ability now requires you to have failed a consequential roll first.

  • Combed through Perks, looking to streamline and make more interesting.

  • Various wording changes that hardly changed actual meanings, but added clarity.

  • ADRENALINE RUSH: This previously under-powered perk now also grants +1 STR.

  • CALMLY WALK AWAY: Tweaked.

  • CRUNCH TIME: Totally retooled.

  • DRAMATIC REVEAL: Removed. It's a fun idea and one I definitely want to revisit, but for now, especially with a lot of recent substantial changes to the game, I think it's important I nail down the fundamentals. Playtesting with a Dramatic Reveal character basically puts a big asterisk on the results and is not helpful for fine-tuning the game in its current state. 

  • EVIL EYE: Changed how it upgrades from picking it a second time.

  • EXPLOSIVES EXPERT: Replaced by the more interesting Demolition Man.

  • GLANCING BLOWS: Removed. A new perk called "Reshoot" picks up a bit of Glancing Blows' purpose.

  • JOHN WOO: This was pretty under-powered. Substantially changed.

  • LASER FOCUSED: This previously under-powered perk now also grants +1 ACC.

  • MASOCHISTIC: Totally retooled.

  • MR. ROY ROGERS: Totally retooled.

  • MY BODY IS LITERALLY A WEAPON: Now has (Blooper: Replaced Limb) in place of nebulous "penalties".

  • NOOOOOO!: Tweaked and buffed.

  • RESHOOT: New perk!

  • SEXY NERD: Slight tweaks.

  • SLEEPER HOLD: Tweaked.

  • SMACK-TALKIN': Tweaked.

  • SMALL BUT FIERCE: Significantly more useful now that its special ability is once per scene, however it now requires a token to use. Altogether a nice buff.

  • STILL BREATHING: Buffed, and no longer requires character sheet augmentation to boot!

  • THE MORE THE MERRIER: Totally retooled.

  • WHERE'S MY MARK: Totally retooled.

  • WINNING SMILE: Got buffed a bit.

  • WIRE WORK: Totally retooled.

  • WORDS OF WISDOM: Totally retooled.

  • YOU SICK SONOVABITCH: More healing, less often. This is now a more interesting and less tedious perk.

  • Skateboard and Smoke Bomb were both adjusted to match the game-wide changes.


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